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D Troop 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry



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Detainees picked up in a free fire zone

Captured NVA documents





Shamrock Blues on the way to work

"Coutesy of Doug Neil"

Four ship LZ

"Courtesy of Doug Neil"



Cleaning Weapons an Lane AAF

"Courtesy of Ross Cirri"

Waiting to move from An Khe to Lane AAF

"Courtesy of Ross Cirri"



Ross Cirri at Lane AAF

"Courtesy of Ross Cirri"

Rat Catching at Lane AAF

"Courtesy of Ross Cirri"

ARP buying souvenirs at LZ Blackhawk

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

Time to party

New Years 71

Top Left: Ross Cirri

Bottom Center: Doc Lamora

Bottom Right: Rick Clinton

"Courtesy Ross Cirri"

Ross Cirri playing pool in the maintenance tent behind the enlisted hootchs and An Khe

"Courtesy Ross Cirri"

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