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D Troop 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry



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Eyes of an eagle, heart of a lion, balls of a scout.

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Scout Patch

Scout Platoon Leader, Cpt Boyd

The Scout Platoon was initial equipped with OH-23s. This  picture is of an aircraft from 6-14 FA at Pleiku in early 1970.

D Troop OH-23

"Courtesy of Duncan Dowling"

This is an OH-6 from 4th Aviation making a precautionary landing at Artillery Hill, Pleiku after taking some rounds in the rotor blades. If you look closely, you see the "sniffer tube" mouted on the left skid. An OH-6 at the refuel point





"Courtesy of Steve Citty"

This D Troop OH-6 was shot down. The ARP secured it until recovered. Both crewmembers were injured

but survived.

"Courtesy of Carl & Nancy Scholl"


Steve Citty

"Courtesy of Steve Citty"

Scout lounge area

"Courtesy of Steve Citty"

An OH-58 at altitude near the Mangyang Pass An OH-58 at An Khe configured for a recon
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