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D Troop 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry



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Leon Smith, Bob Braid, Ed Kinnett and Duke Martini at LZ Blackhawk

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

328 at LZ Oasis

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"


  Periodic maintenance on 355 at An Khe

Cleaning the rotorhead at LZ Meredith

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

This is SP5 King by his aircraft after the NVA sappers paid a visit in March 1970

The slick was appropriately name

"The Hangar Queen"


66-16597 was another NVA sapper victim

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

Montagnard kids giving the peace sign at Duc Co

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

Hotch Maid at Camp Radcliff

"Courtesy of Tim La Tour"

SP5 Waters relaxing in the slick hotch at An Khe

Doug Neil An Khe 1971

"Courtesy of Doug Neil"

Tom Wilson Going Home for

Extension Leave Dec 1970

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